To all prospective participants

About circle

The site used for the informal fan event "Seven Rumors" does not support multiple languages.
Therefore, in order to avoid operational problems, you can purchase works by Japanese users, and exhibit your personal works using pixiv and other services, but you cannot distribute your personal books or goods.

About purchase

The Twitter account for this fan event has the URL of the event venue where the work will be exhibited on the day.
Since the site itself is made only in Japanese, it is recommended to view it while using the translation site.
As you scroll through the pages, you will find a button to enter the event venue. This button is gray and marked with an arrow.
You can't enter the venue until the opening time.
The next page is for Japanese users. Here we just press the dark button on the far right of the three buttons.
Go to the next page and set the avatar to use at the online venue. You can move these avatars around the venue.

When you enter the venue, the screen looks like a game.
For smartphones, you can move by flicking.
For PC, you can move with the arrow keys. Alternatively, you can flick with the mouse to move.
There are many houses in the venue, and clicking the crystal ball or the book in them will take you to the sales page.
NOTE: Please note that if you do not move for 10 minutes, you will be forcibly returned to the avatar selection screen.

Next is a pretty important explanation about purchasing.
In order to purchase the work of a Japanese user, the purchaser must use the forwarding service.
One example is a site that offers a forwarding service. This is multilingual.

However, not all works are available for purchase.
Products that the owner himself wants to sell only in Japan and products with sensitive content may not be permitted.
In addition, the laws of Japan, not the country of sale, apply to the owner.

That's all for the explanation. If you have any questions, please contact us from the event page or DM.
Depending on the situation, it may take some time to respond.