How to register as a member of "pictSQUARE"

On September 24th (10:00 - 23:30), "Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun" online direct sales event will be held at pict SQUARE.
※We are not affiliated with any official or management company.

It's a virtual place where you can walk through a place like an RPG.

There is a demo room where you can try it out.
DEMO room

After entering your nickname and selecting your avatar, you can view it by tapping "イベントホールへ".
Both circle participation and general participation require membership registration on the pictSQUARE website.
It's easy, but I'll show you how to register.

First, open the official website.

pictSQUARE web site

Click "Register" to proceed to the input screen.

After entering the information, you will receive an email.

You will receive an email like this one. Please go to the registration page from the email.

At the very least, you can register as long as you have entered the circled areas.

SMS verification is required after registration is complete. Please select your country and enter your phone number.

When you receive an email on your cell phone, enter the number.

You have now completed your membership subscription.
Good job on the registration!
Enjoy the event.